To make a booking or enquiry just give us a

    call or drop us an email. We are here to help

    and  will try to cater for your every need and

    make your celebration a one to remember.


    To secure your booking  we will require  100

    deposit. Full payment will then be due 7 days 

    before the event if paying by cheque or 48 hrs

    before event if paying  cash


    To secure your booking for a buffet we will

    require a 10% deposit and then full payment

    will be due 7 days before the event if paying

    by cheque or 48hrs before if paying cash.


   Please note if booking a buffet for a

   funeral no deposit would be required  

   payment could be made on delivery.


   If you would feel more comfortable 

   discussing your event within the   

   comfort of your own home then  please

   just let us  know and we will be more than   

   happy to  arrange a home visit to enable us 

   to ensure  that all of your requirements are  

   being met.    



   Email : 




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